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Who We Are

Vivian Ouyang, CPA, Partner

Vivian has over fourteen years of experience in public accounting (big 4) and publicly held corporations, partnerships and high net worth individuals in Santa Clara Valley and Hong Kong.

She has experience in serving SEC, international, multistate and start-up enterprises in the following high tech industries: software, semiconductor, and computer peripherals and equipment. she handled outbound issues including Subpart F income, Section 956 and 956A, PFIC, Foreign Tax Credit, Section 367 outbound transfer, inbound issues covering Section 482 transfer pricing, Section 163j earnungs struipping rules, and Section 6038A reporting requirements, and tax compliance of all 50 state tax returns for multinational and multistate companies.

During her tenure in Hong Kong, she provided consulting services to high profile multinational corporations on global tax optimization, development and review of investment structures and plans. Research and consult both U.S. and non-U.S. clients on M&A structuring and tax planning to ascertain employment of the most effective tax strategies including the use of tax treaties, offshore migration and deferral strategies, consultation on Section 367 issues, CFC, PFIC exposure and planning, etc.

Vivian also has experience in providing international assignment services such as expatriate administration and worldwide tax compliance for multinational corporations.

Vivian is licensed by the California Board of Accountancy.

JoAnn Chow, CPA, Partner

JoAnn has over seventeen years of experience in public accounting (big 4) and publicly held corporations, partnerships and high net worth individuals in San Francisco, and Santa Clara Valley.

She specializes in serving the tax and business planning needs of closely held companies, partnerships and their shareholders/partners including tax compliance covering domestic, multistate business and individual income tax filing requirements, amended returns and carryback claims, sales, payroll, and property tax return filings, and IRS and state tax authority income tax audits. JoAnn has industry experience in manufacturing, service, wholesale and retail. she works closely with clients to provide current and timely advice on tax planning issues.

JoAnn also provides accounting assistance in recommending suitable accounting software for the requirments of companies and individuals, monthly general ledger closing, financial projections and management reports.

JoAnn is licensed by the California Board of Accountancy.